Duffy Agency has integrated BrandBa.se into a number of its custom training programs designed for organizations. These programs are created around the needs of the organization and it's brand(s).  

These programs help unify your team with regard to how your brand values are communicated plus

  • the overall competence level
  • online marketing tactics
  • key models and concepts
  • key marketing processes
  • marketing terms
  • social media policy and tactics

Brand Ba.se Enterprise - Educate 24/7
We also offer enterprise software as a service (SAAS) solution for ongoing training of marketing and sales staff.  This program is based on the same principles we use in our live training combining social, gamification and education.  Participants are encouraged to learn on their own as well as from each other. They receive points for their activity. 

The educational content is divided into modules each with testing and scoring capability. It can be populated with your educational material, ours, or a combination of both. Each participants' activities are tracked and their educational progress measured and graded.

This is particularly useful training approach for global organizations seeking to create a more unified marketing team in terms of their approach and competence level. 

If you would like to enquire about a custom BrandBa.se training program for your organization, please contact us

The Yin-Yang of sales and branding. 

The Yin-Yang of sales and branding.