Brand, as in the mark burned into a cow's hide to distinguish it from the rest of the herd., as in a foundation you can build upon and a place you can return to for rejuvenation.  

The rise of content marketing and social media has put renewed focus on brands and how they are managed. That’s because brands are the engines that drive social and content programs.  Since 2008, we have seen growing interest in the practical application of brand management techniques to an interactive world.  So we set out to make training in this area more practical and interactive as well.  The result is a hands-on approach to online brand management training where application is our goal, experience is our teacher and the internet is our laboratory.  Welcome to is the online supplement to the brand management lectures, seminars, workshops and custom training sessions provided by The Duffy Agency, an international brand communication consultancy. This website is one of several digital resources we have created to reinvent the way marketing and branding are taught in the post-internet era.  Brand does this in two ways: 

  • First by providing value-add to our brand management lectures, seminars, workshops and training sessions. The various resources provide a means to continue the dialogue started in our live sessions and to add depth to them with discussion and further reading. It also provides a means for continuing education long after the session since the basic concepts we discuss are updated with fresh case studies and new developments in the market. 


  • Second, by allowing participants in these events to network with a select group of like-minded marketers both during and after the training event. This allows participants to share ideas, solve problems together, recruit for new hires or explore new opportunities themselves.