This course will try to rise above the hype surrounding online marketing to identify the key issues for marketers and their brands. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how developments online have fundamentally changed consumer behavior and what these changes mean for marketing practitioners. A more specific goal is to provide the participants with a solid strategic framework and practical advice to establish, manage and/or improve their online marketing activities.

Executive-level training

The course is aimed at senior marketers such as CMOs, marketing managers, brand managers, product managers and corporate communications managers.


Two areas of focus will be online networking (social media) as well as inbound marketing (content marketing). We will discuss the use of online networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as inbound marketing techniques such as blogs, podcasts and websites. Participants will learn best practices for using online resources to achieve their company’s marketing objectives and build their brands.

The course takes a hands-on approach by including an online platform for participants to interact with each other and with the instructors — both during and after the course. Participants will also participate in a real-life internet-based project carried out during the course and presented in the final class. Participants will be given a unique combination of theory and practice by combining thought-provoking case studies and best practices with applied theory and the participants own experiences.

Class Structure:

Each class is divided into four sections:

  1. Brand Clinic: We address real cases based on online challenges presented by participants.
  2. Discussion 1: Strategy & tactics related to that day's topic
  3. Group Exercise: Related to day's topic
  4. Discussion 2: Theory & cases related to that day's topic


Provide participants with a context for their online brand management activities with regard to:

  • Marketing theory and academic thinking
  • Today’s industry best practices
  • The operational reality of their own organization

Provide participants with a structure for their online brand management activities with regard to :

  • Vocabulary
  • Models 
  • Processes
  • Roles