Duffy Agency was founded in 2001 by ad agency creatives who realized that making great ads for weak brands was like applying lipstick on a pig. Not much fun. Just as effective advertising needs be innovative, insightful and focused, these creatives believed that brand strategy should be held to the same standards. And that wasn't happening very often. So they left their ad agencies to create a new type of branding agency where the creative department is the entire company and brands can be seen in public without their makeup.

Today, the agency specializes in digital marketing for aspiring international brands. The agency helps accelerate the growth of premium brands by seamlessly integrating digital marketing strategy, implementation, and management across borders. 

Our offices are in Malmö, Sweden and Boston. We also have 60 partner agencies around the world in an international advertising agency network called TAAN. Why are we telling you all this? Because our SEO guy promised us that you'd be interested.