Fashion rental – you are what you access?

You are what you own”, is something that Belk (1988) once argued for. 15 years later this argument does not sound that convincing anymore.

No one has probably missed out on the fact that sharing economy is a growing consumption trend in today’s society. Companies such as Netflix, Uber and Airbnb have in short time grown into business giants, and the number of companies that are capitalizing the trend of utilizing property-sharing is growing.

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Female bloggers and the party crashers

In the ever-changing society, neither marketers nor consumers are behaving in the same way as they did 10 years ago, new rules have changed the game. Not only have the focus changed from marketing being a one-way communication, also the people performing the marketing have been alternated. Blogs have introduced the world to a new form of consumption, where young girls have become today’s entrepreneurs, but how did this happen?

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The temporary democratization of the fashion industry: An illustration of today’s fashion blogosphere

Fashion blogs emerged in the beginning of the 2000s and have grown exponentially ever since. Over time, the fashion blogosphere evolved from early non-commercial amateur street styles, inspirational blogs and personal diaries to successful lifestyle brands with celebrity bloggers, such as Hanneli Mustaparta or Chiara Ferragni. These style icons are now regular guests at the runway shows of the big fashion houses (Figure 1) and sit in the front row next to the global style authorities Anna Wintour and Suzy Menkes (Titton, 2010; Crewe, 2012).

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