How Much Power Do Avatars Have?

Moving from the Web 1.0 to the Web 2.0 era, a brand new world is introduced to marketers by offering alternative solutions for branding, based on the “New Media”. Multiple, new digital media opened a completely new road for branding, a road full with opportunities and challenges for marketers. By the term “New Media” multiple digital and advertising media are implicated such as internet advertising (pop-ups, buttons, banners etc), Mobile commerce, social networking spaces (facebook, twitter, MySpace etc), Podcasting, viral marketing, blogs and video sites (Winer, 2009). However, during the past ten years the market witnessed the Social Networking Spaces transforming into a massive trend which could even give its name to a whole generation (Kwon, Sung, 2011). Thus, the researchers now implicate that we are moving to a Millennial Makeover by the Social Media (Winograd, Hais, 2008). Many terms such as the Facebook Generation or the Twitter Generation have been used to describe the generation of today’s, which communicates, interacts and shapes opinions and behaviors through the social media (Meadows-Klue, 2008). 

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