A guide to success: How to raise capital online via crowdfunding

In today´s business world, there are many options to finance a company or the development of a new product. Opposed to the traditional methods like equity financing, shareholder investment or debt financing, crowdfunding presents a more innovative and considerably different approach. 

But first things first. What exactly is crowdfunding? 

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Academic Researchers’ Personal Branding Ensures Successful Crowdfunding

Every academic researcher knows the anxiety of submitting grant application. Oftentimes researchers are stuck in an application limbo where submission is followed with long evaluation period, resubmission, and yet another long waiting period (Gerster, 2013). The waiting may not be a great inconvenience if the grant is guaranteed, but the chance of receiving research grants has become increasingly difficult due intense competition and shrinking funding pot (Cha, 2015, Barker, 2013). As consequence, many researchers opt for alternative funding source with the hope to sustain their projects. 

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