Xhamster porn content provider as a social media platform. Part 2

1st September


Written by Masters student


Continuation of blog post part 1 published on 28th of August.

Understanding Xhamster , the new Porn 2.0 site 

So what we are actually looking at in case of Porn 2.0 is marketing and branding of social media platform characterised by content streaming, such as youtube.com; however with a delicate topic of content. Compare to youtube.com the revenue streams of Porn 2.0 websites such as Xhamster are quite different focusing not only on display and video advertisements. Xhamster is able to generate profit both from individuals and porn entrepreneurs as well as businesses (Georgina, 2012). Individuals can freely access Xhamster website; however are bothered by advertising, usually cannot download content and their accounts have certain limitations. Xhamster therefore offer a “premium account” with download options and high quality video, opportunity to communicate over live webcam, browse without advertisements and other extra features. Porn entrepreneurs provide live webcam service through which they share profits with Xhamster and businesses can share their content on Xhamster and if they happen to receive traffic which converts into purchase then they share commission.

The second most visited website after Xhamster is Youporn despite missing the content description in their name Xhamster has twice higher visiting rate.  The content differences are minor but the major differences between Xhamster and Youporn are the options for users to engage and the way how they are marketed. Both websites share the same feature of publishing user created content and sharing it with porn community; however differ in interaction with consumers, and the level and opportunities for engagement. Xhamster compare to Youporn offers opportunities for sharing not only videos but pictures, porn stories, games as well as dating services and life webcams. In following paragraphs this article will describe the success of Xhamster and marketing which stud behind it.

Marketing of Xhamster, a social medial platform

The core of marketing social media platform is to provide the most conformable, accessible and coherent environment to users in order for them to engage and interact (Smith, et al., 2012). Greater the interaction is, the greater the chances of an electronic word of mouth which works as the most important fragment of promotions. This part is going to focus on 4 areas of marketing Xhamster as asocial media platform: content, accessibility, engagement and services. To start with Xhamster we need to see what their brand statement

“Our motto is Just Porn No Bullshit and this means that we take really seriously what content our users post. This includes quality and legality. Terabytes of various stuff sorted into many categories and our unique rating system brings you the best on the first positions. All of this will meet even the most exacting user. Also our system is integrated with antipiracy software based on video fingerprints which allows the producers to protect their content reliably. “ (xhamster.com, 2014)


One of the most important parts of social media content provider platform is the quality, quantity and coherence of content. To improve quantity of content shared Xhamster focuses on gaining trust of consumers. With “integrated with antipiracy software based on video fingerprints which allows the producers to protect their content reliably”, hamster improves credibility and willingness to share video content particularly on Xhamster. With the aim of content quality and coherence censorship and selectiveness is absolutely vital to marketing of social media content providers to sustain brand image, deliver upon brand promise and content coherence (Smith, et al., 2012). Comparable as youtube.com needs to censor user published and advertising content according to brand promise (no hacking and cracking content, no weapon-related content) Xhamster must do so as well. ”Our motto is Just Porn No Bullshit and this means that we take really seriously what content our users post. This includes quality and legality”. Bluntly said: “Just Porn No Bullshit”.

Accessibility and convenience

Xhamster is optimized both for mobile phones and tablets to achieve high accessibility and convenience; as well the content is categorized and rated by other users to improve search experience on the website and user comfort.  “Terabytes of various stuff is on Xhamster.com sorted into many categories and our unique rating system brings you the best on the first positions”

Services, engagement and eWOM

Perhaps one of the most distinguishing features of Xhamster as a social platform is opportunities for engagement and its degree. Compare to Youporn, Xhamster is trying the keep as many users on the site by providing dating services and online webcams as well as porn stories and games. This seems to be proving as a major advantage to Xhamster. Other websites either redirect to blogs or dating services and therefor loose traffic or limit interaction on the platform. However in the marketing of social media platform the vital part is to provide the best environment offering relevant services which could be demanded for engagement. The greater the interaction is the greater possibility of creating an electronic word of mouth which works as the major promotion for social media platforms.


In this article we saw how the evolution of Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 changed the porn industry, going from print media to online presence with Web 1.0 and then from downloading porn producer content to streaming user created content in Porn 2.0 evidenced by Xhamster. This evolution in porn industry lead to a slow devastation of previously unshakable business model with many well established brands, such as Penthouse running out of business while others who have adjusted are harvesting their profits. Currently the most successful porn provider Xhamster is no longer in the business of marketing porn as a product but rather as a social platform providing accessible, convenient environment for users offering as many to interact.


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