Turning an online start-up company into a giant fashion retailer: Zalando case

There is a widely held belief that start-up companies cannot be tremendously successful and compete efficiently with the already established ones. In this paper,  itisgoingtobeexaminedtheprocessthroughwhichastart-up retailing company has achieved a step-by-step growth in order to become a giant fashion e-retailer. More specifically, the case study will be Zalando, a German fashion company based in Berlin. Zalando is today the biggest exclusively online fashion retailer in Europe and one of the fastest developed companies as well, with its net salesexceeding 2 billion in 2014, having obtained this number only six years after it was founded (Zalando, 2016). Interestingly enough, the means which Zalando has used to boost its development and exceed expectations will be further reflected in this paper.

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