How to Build Brand Awareness and Engagement on Instagram

A study by Christodoulides (2009) illustrates that internet and technology have strongly affected on brandsphere. Brand managers role has changed from guardian to host and they have understood that one-side communication is not enough anymore and they should shift to many-to-many communication where consumers are allowed to communicate with the firm and other consumers.  Christodoulides (2009) states that before the internet, brand manager used to act like control freak which is not feasible in online world. Today, branding is about creating relationships, interaction and generating better value to the customers. Building and sharing user generated content should be facilitated by companies because it has a powerful impact on building and improving relationship amongst brands, consumers and brand communities. Internet has also offered new opportunities for companies as they can benefit from personalization and customization for instance in case of, where consumer can design trainers themselves from a variety of options.

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