Go Social or Go Home! - Social Media Effectiveness and Why Startups Should Use It

2.0 and the wide spread of e-commerce created a new world for marketers to market products and companies. In today’s fast-paced society and marketplace it is instrumental for a firm to be seen and build brand awareness and brand credibility. Social media is seen as a strategic marketing tool for firms’ today, much since online is where the modern consumer is located. Due to the different strategic advantages with social media, such as high potential reach, high interaction, enhanced credibility and cost-efficiency, it creates a great way for any firm to market itself and its product, not least for startups. This paper demonstrates why social media is a crucial advertising tool for startups to have in their marketing mix today, and why it could be the difference between success and failure for a new brand. It also gives a great example of a previous startup company that has built its brand almost entirely trough social media marketing; the Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington.

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